CrossFit: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Yes, I’m sure we have heard the following…

“Crossfit’s a cult!”

“You’re gonna get injured!”

“You’re gonna get bulky”


Before we start…What is CrossFit?

“CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.” – I couldn’t have said it better myself so I thought it was best said by the experts from

I started CrossFit about 3 years ago. The gym I was training my girls from Fitness at Tiffany’s was next to a Crossfit Box. (they call them boxes because they have no walls like a regular gym) I walked past it every day, peeping at everyone doing crazy workouts. There were so many different ages and different sized people all doing the same WOD (workout of the day, I’m teaching you the CrossFit lingo) So I thought if they can do it, why can’t I?

The Good:

So I joined up to see what the craze was all about. I remembered my first class thinking “WTF? I thought I was fit?” But after joining up, I automatically had these incredible people I looked up to. They were insane! There were guys AND girls doing muscles ups, handstand push-ups, dips on rings, climbing ropes and squatting on 1 leg (to some people it could have looked like a circus act) I suddenly had all these goals to achieve in fitness and not just about how I looked. Of course, I couldn’t do half the movements but with the right coaches, it’s achievable. This is what got me hooked, I had new movements to learn and once I ticked off a goal, it led me back wanting more. I finally understood how people get addicted!

There’s a new WOD every day, you can enter competitions, buy cool outfits and make lots of new friends. CrossFit has a great camaraderie which is why we often have a “cult-like” loyalty to it. The small nods and high-fives of encouragement to others while running past after doing 100 burpees is what it’s all about. I love the sense of being part of something different with a small dose of the unpredictable.




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The Bad

Yes, I will admit there is a bad…bad coaching. Any average joe can be a Level 1 certified CrossFit coach within a 2 day course if you pay the money. Then they go teach others how to perform technical Olympic lifts. Even after 3 years of Crossfit plus years of personal training I still wouldn’t be a Crossfit coach because I feel like I don’t have enough knowledge on Olympic lifting. BUT you can still get injured no matter how fantastic your coaches are. Yes, I’ve had minor injuries from the CrossFit exercises but then again I’ve had minor injuries from non-related Crossfit exercises too.

Yes, there can be pressure on having to lift heavy or push through the exercises even if it hurts. But in the end of the day, the coaches cannot feel what you’re feeling and YOU have to decide what is right for your body. For the ladies that are worried about becoming “bulky”. I’m not going to lie but yes lifting heavy weights will create bigger muscles believe it or not. However, this also comes down to your type of body too. If this is something you’re really worried about then I suggest doing Crossfit 3 days a week. On the other days do some light cardio or body weight circuits.


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The Ugly

For me, the ugly would be my bank account. Crossfit is not the cheapest gym membership around. Then before you even start you want to buy the latest CrossFit shoes and clothes so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb. The next thing to buy on the list is the wrist wraps, knee guards, skipping rope, hand grips, shin guards, rock tape and lifters – the list goes on. They have even created a special balm for when you rip your hands! (the struggle is real) And…if you’re a girl you can forget about having nice long hair extensions and fake nails because those things just don’t mix well with CrossFit.

I still enjoy the good ole’ Globo gyms. Having 2 gym memberships might not be ideal for your bank account (but I bet you could easily spend the same amount on new clothes or shoes – I know I still do 🙊All depends on your priorities and mine is exercise so I don’t mind spending my money on something that makes me happy everyday. Sometimes I have days that I don’t feel like lifting heavy weights and curling up on the floor in the fetal position 🤢 Those days I just hit the gym, do light cardio and weights. Crossfit 5-6 days a week can be tough on your body. You haven’t experienced “sore muscles” until you’ve tried CrossFit 😈

I hope I have given you some insights on Crossfit without being too biased. If you’re thinking about starting CrossFit why not give it ago? You’ve got nothing to lose but gain experience so then you can decide if its right for you 🙂

I highly recommend a great Crossfit box with great coaches on the Gold Coast – Raw Iron

Crossfit Lingo for beginners

Box Gym
WOD Workout of the day

As many rounds or reps as possible

EMOM Every minute on the minute
RFT Rounds for time
METCON Metabolic Conditioning
MU Muscle up (Girl tip: Wear a padded sports bra, you might smack your boobs)
HSPU Hand stand push up (Girl Tip: Wear leggings or tight shorts to prevent unnecessary flashing)
PU Push ups
DU Double unders (Girl Tip: Make sure you go to the toilet before so you don’t pee your pants)
OHS Over head squats
C&J Clean & jerk
T2B Toes to bar
GHD Glute ham developer
KB Kettlebells
K2E Knee to elbows
SDHP Sumo deadlifts high pull
RX’D Doing the workout as prescribed without any adjustments
Scaling Modifying the weight or movement in WOD
PR Personal record


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