4 cities in 4 days: Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone & Fujikawaguchiko

Last week, Luis and I had 4 days off work so we decided to use the opportunity to do some travelling in Japan. We went to 1 city per day and stayed there for 1 night.

City 1: Yokohama🎡

Accommodation: Great Airbnb apartment. Only $85 for a whole private 1 bedroom apartment and even had Apple TVYokohama Airbnb. Saturday 4th November, 7:00pm: Arrived in Yokohama. We wandered around the bayside to see the beautiful lights. (I caught a cold this day 😷 yep first day of the trip)

Sunday 5th November, 11:30am: We visited China Town and the food was delicious! We ate dumplings and pork buns. They had soo much food at very reasonable prices.

1:00pm: We caught a boat over to visit the Cup Noodle Museum 🍜. This museum was really fun! You can create and make your own cup noodles! The top level has a noodle bazaar where you can eat different types of noodles from different countries (they even had my fave Mi Goreng!).

City 2: Kamakura🏝

Accommodation: Cheap backpackers for only $30 a night for a room. Close by to the beach and the station The Surferhouse Kamakura.Sunday 5th November, 6pm: We arrived in Kamakura. We found a great local restaurant (food was delicious!) then stumbled on some beachside bars where the locals drink.

Monday 6th November, 11:00am: In the morning we visited the famous Great Buddha of Kamakura. This statue is made out of bronze, 13.35m in height and originally built in 1252.

12:00pm: Next was to Enoshima Island. We walked up hundreds of steps (got a booty workout at the same time) and each level of the island had shrines and cute little restaurants over looking the clifftop. There was even a love bell and lock locks for couples to lock their undying love (so of course we had to do it 💕). At the top, it had spectacular views of Kamakura.

City 3: Hakone

Accommodation: Capsule hotel for $70 a night that looked like wooden cabins. Very comfortable, clean and good location. Highly recommend GuestHouse Azito.Monday 6th November, 5:30pm: We arrived in Hakone the mountainous town known for its famous hot springs. But unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to check out the hot springs but we visited the famous red Hakone Shrine ⛩. This shrine is located on the shores of Lake Ashi.

Tuesday 6th November, 12:00pm: We caught a boat that looked like a pirate ship over to the other side of Lake Ashi. This beautiful lake was created by a volcano eruption 3000 years ago and sometimes if your lucky you can see Mt Fuji. But what I couldn’t get over was the colours of the autumn trees in the mountains (that was picturesque!).

City 4: Fugikawaguchiko🗻

Accommodation: Cheap hostel for $85 a night in a Japanese style room. We had amazing Mt Fuji views from our bedroom! The hostel even had a small rooftop to take awesome pics of Fuji. Highly recommend to stay here at the Backpackers Hostel K’s House. Tuesday 4th November, 6:00pm: We arrived in Fugikawaguchi. We rented out bicycles from our hostel and rode around the Lake Kawaguchi. Along the streets were red autumn trees with lights shining to show there beautiful colours. There was also an autumn festival with food stalls selling delicious food!

Wednesday 5th November, 11:00am: We woke up in the morning and saw a beautiful view of Mt Fuji with some snow on the top of the mountain. Then we visited the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. They had some of the scariest rollercoasters I’ve ever been on! Also, the views of Mt Fuji from the rollercoasters were amazing too! 🎢


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