How I Planned My Bali Wedding

This one is for all the ladies out there! My wedding planning experience.

I always dreamed to have my wedding overseas on a tropical island over looking the ocean with the sun setting in the backdrop. However, if it was up to my husband we would have gotten married on a hill with my dad cooking the BBQ as the reception. But NO! I never wanted to have my wedding here locally. The thought of having all my friends and family on holidays with me for a week long celebration was better than a one day celebration.

This is when I had to convince the other half to have a Bali wedding. At the start, we thought it was going to be cheaper in Bali than here on the Gold Coast. I said to him it wouldn’t be more than about $12k… that $12k suddenly turned to $20k 🙄 I still don’t even know if that was considered as a cheap or an expensive wedding but it was worth it!


The first thing I had to do was choose the location in Bali. There were plenty of beautiful wedding locations to choose from. I decided to have my wedding in Seminyak because of a few reasons.

– Easier for guests to find accommodation within all price ranges

–  The cleanliness of the streets and the beach

– Everyone’s accommodation was 5-10 mins by taxi to the wedding hotel

– Close by to dry-cleaners (important)

These points made it much easier for everyone and especially for myself to organize.

I started looking for venues 7 months before the wedding and it seemed like most places were still pretty vacant. I was also previously in Bali around that time and I did take a look at 2 locations but they weren’t the one I chose. One of my customers from work that has stayed in all the 5-star resorts in Seminyak told me about Seminyak Beach Resort. Originally I was thinking about doing the ceremony outdoor publicly near the hotel pool with the beach in the background but thank god she made me change my mind. She suggested the glass chapel in Seminyak Beach Resort to be more private and intimate without randoms watching your whole wedding.


I started liaising with the wedding organiser for the hotel and they were very professional, prompt and spoke very good English. They made it very easy for me communicating back and forth by emails. They organised the flowers, audio set up, celebrant, reception and I found a photographer, hair & makeup and dry-cleaners. I tried to make it as simple as possible so let stress for me on the day.

Photographer & Hair/Makeup 

Next, was choosing the right photographer and hair and makeup company. You need to read lots of reviews on websites & Facebook pages on who people recommend. As you can see from my photo’s they were amazing! My photographers and MUAH were so professional and organised which completely loaded off unnecessary stress. I chose the photographer first and saw they teamed up with a hair & makeup company which offered a discounted price if you book them together. All I had to do was send off photos of the hair style and makeup I wanted and they did exactly what I wanted!

TIP: Don’t be stingy on your photographer because the photos & videos are the memories you have for life!

TIP: If you’re anything like me that’s pedantic about your hair & makeup being perfect then make sure you pay that extra for a trial the day before…again don’t be stingy!

The Paper Work

Everyone couldn’t believe how relaxed I looked. Nearly every person in months leading up to the day, would ask me “How’s the wedding planning? Finished organising everything?” and I would simply reply “Yep, it’s been easy”. The only time I was freaking out was about 1 week before leaving to Bali and my husband can back me up on that. 😝

The key to NOT becoming a bridezilla…😈

Print off all your important documents and create a folder to take with you which should include:

– Wedding rundown sheet, music rundown, MC rundown sheet, seating plan, flight itinerary, guests flight details if you’re organising their transport, accommodation details, email & numbers of your photographer, wedding planner, dry-cleaners & hair/makeup artists.

TIP: Create a private Facebook group and add all your guests to keep in contact. This helped a lot!

The Music

We didn’t have a band or a DJ so we just let Spotify become our DJ. The hardest thing was creating the perfect wedding playlist. I gave this job role originally to my better half but I eventually took over after realising how important it was. Not saying he can’t handle important things…but some things are just better off in the hands of the bride, like the whole wedding planning 😉

TIPCreate your wedding hashtag for your friends & family to use on Instagram. This was mine #dspwedding17

I created 5 playlists on my Spotify and had my husband’s sister be in charge of the music. I had arrival/cocktail wedding playlist, walk down song, walk out song, speeches background music & reception playlist. This took me hours to put together! But worth it! Because I can always jump on my Spotify and listen to the songs again to bring back the memories.

The Day Before The Wedding

When it came to the day before the wedding, my husband and I were hungover and had heaps of things to do (Do NOT be hungover the day before). In the morning the dresses and suits got dropped off at my hotel from the dry-cleaners. At 9am I had my hair and makeup trial (I looked like a mess with old makeup on & dirty hair from the night before😞) At 3pm we had a rehearsal at the venue then 4pm we had a meeting with the photographer. There was a lot of information to take in which got overwhelming for a hungover couple. (your head needs to be in the right state of mind for this day)

On the day of my wedding I was actually cool as a cucumber 😎 I didn’t have to worry about anything because everything was just so organised. So that pretty much sums up my first experience planning a wedding. If anyone is planning to get married in Bali, I would love to help 🙋🏽

LAST TIP: Don’t stress and enjoy every moment because it’s over before you know it. Also, recommend to have at least 2 romantic nights together with your new husband and then go on your honeymoon. ❤️



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