The Start of Fitness at Tiffany’s

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I have created this so you can join me on my fitness and travel journey. So let’s rewind the clock back a few years to when it all started.

Back in the high school days, I was never into sports or exercise unless it consisted of me krumpin’ and booty poppin’. Then once I finished school my neighbour introduced me to the…gym. I was HOOKED!


Yes, it may look like this photo was taken with a potato but it was with a Motorola Razr

The day came where I went to uni to study teaching to follow my mother’s career path. Two weeks in, I managed to get 2 parking fines and my car towed. That’s it! I QUIT!I felt like it was a sign that I shouldn’t be here (or perhaps just had no more money, keep in mind I was 19)

That day I started thinking what would I enjoy doing?

I enjoy exercise + I enjoy telling people what to do = PERSONAL TRAINER!! I looked up courses straight away and found exactly what I wanted to do! I had to call my dad to break the news I’m leaving uni after 2 weeks in (keep in mind Asian dad) but I convinced him 😏

Now let’s fast forward a few months. The course was done and I absolutely loved every minute of it! Boom! Certified Personal Trainer!

I got some work experience with another PT running outdoor boot camps. But then it was time to start my own business.

The start of Fitness at Tiffany’s (if you didn’t get it like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’🙄) I started running 8-12 week challenges for women only. I hired one of my best friends as a PT, bought new and second-hand equipment and advertised it all on Facebook. I ran Facebook & Instagram competitions, teamed up with nutrition companies and even posted ads on Gumtree. I had 10 outdoor and indoor sessions with about 30-40 girls. It was quite a success! I was making bank 🤑

>>>For more of my fitness pics and vids<<<

Eventually, it slowed down when I started working for my dad. I stopped it all when I started working full time in the business. But hey! it was a great experience, super fun and met some great girls. Of course, at the time I had no one idea about business as I was only 21! But likely my dad was business minded and I surrounded myself with other business minded people.

I worked hard full time for my parents for about 4 years now. Trust me, there were times I missed PT. My partner (Luis) and I bought a house together (p.s I’ve been with Luis since high school but that’s another story). We bought some second-hand equipment and created our own mini gym under the carport.

We needed money for our wedding so I contacted all my old clients and started 1on1 PT sessions. It was awesome! Doing it from home was even better! I would train clients early mornings and evenings before and after work.

But all good things come to end, I had to stop after a few months due to moving out of our house. But don’t worry when one door closes another one opens. New and exciting things are happening in our lives and I promise to save it for another day.


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