30min Home Booty Workout

Here is a great home workout for anyone short on time, doesn’t like pervs or maybe you’re overseas (like me!). All you need is a chair or a step and some dance music you’re good to go

I filmed this workout on the first day my husband and I moved to Japan. We stayed in the Narita Gateway Hotel for the first night in Tokyo. Next morning I did this workout in the hotel’s gym. I used two 3kg dumbbells for some of the exercises however you don’t have to if you don’t have any weights, it’s up to you. I worked through each exercise with minimal rest in between the sets. (if you want to sweat more, workout in a hot box like me)

The Home Booty Builder Workout

Warm up:

10 x high knees, 10 x butt kicks, 10 x jumping jacks, 10 x squats, 10 x lunges – 2 sets

(I did a 5min run on the treadmill but you can do whatever you want to get your body warm)

Circuit 1.

3 Rounds

15 x Chair Squats (or a step up box)

10 each side x Chair Step Ups

Circuit 2.

3 Rounds

10 each side x Raised Lunges

10 x Split lunges

Circuit 3.

3 Rounds

10 x Side step ups

10 x Squat Jumps

Circuit 4.

3 Rounds

(make sure to squeeze dat butt!)

15 x Glute Bridges

10 each side x Donkey Kicks

The Finisher

10min Sprints OR 20 burpees😜


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