How to pack your life in one suitcase

Luis and I decided to move to Japan for 1 year. We decided to have one suitcase each, I had my Samsonite suitcase and Luis had a large backpack. The packing was a bit overwhelming for me having to decide which clothes to take and leave behind (unlike Luis it took him 5minsπŸ˜’).Β I’m sure most ladies can agree with me when it comes to packing it can be stressful to decide which clothes and shoes you need to bring because we want to bring them ALL!!

So it came to the day when I had to pack my life in one suitcase…πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Here are my tips on making it easier to handle.

1. Have all your clothes in front of you so you can see everything you have. (I chucked everything on my bed)

2. Pick which shoes you want to bring first then place in the suitcase. Preferably for summer, winter & athletic.

3. Buy packing cubes! (You will see in my video) These make your suitcase or backpack much more organized so you don’t have to mess around all your clothes. I had a pack for tops, dresses, pants/skirts, activewear and bras/socks/undies.

3. Now comes to choosing what to bring. First I had 2 storage crates (you can use boxes or bags), 1 was the maybe crate and the other was a definite no crate. This made the decision making easier. So for clothes I definitely wanted to take would go in the suitcase and if I was unsure I put it on the maybe pile so I could go back to it later if I had some room left.

4. I started choosing my clothes by seasons, mainly winter and summer. (But this depends on where you go & what you do) I started with summer clothes and categorised skirts, dresses, tops & shorts then the same with winter. I found this technique easier for me to start.

5. Keep together all your cords, battery packs & chargers in a bag or pack. (You will always be trying to find these & trust me your memory isn’t that good!)

I created a quick video showing everyone my packing cubes inside my suitcase and me playing Tetris with them 😜

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