Kimono Photoshoot

When Luis and I were in Gifu staying with my family, my uncle and aunt paid for us to get a photoshoot for our wedding present. We were lucky enough to have some amazing photos to remember this moment.

The photoshoot place looked like a small castle and inside there were several rooms. Each room had different backgrounds and heaps of props. First I had to start earlier because I had to get my hair and makeup done. I chose to get normal makeup done and not the traditional white face make up style. But my make up artist didn’t even have the foundation that was as dark as my skin (most Japanese women like to stay white as possible). Then she tried curling my hair with a curling iron but for some reason, it just wasn’t working. So I wasn’t really happy with my hair and makeup quality but it worked out in the photos.

Then the process of putting on the kimono was insane! There was sooooo many layers and layers. They put all these pieces of cloth on your chest and around your waist so you don’t have curves. Back in the days, women with curves weren’t attractive it was a box-like body shape was more attractive (I guess to look like a doll). After the complete set of all the layers and bow, it weighs an extra 15kg. I could definitely feel it after 3 hours the weight was all on my shoulders (felt like a never-ending shoulder workout). Inside the front belt, the women carry a handkerchief, fan and a small knife. Back in the samurai days, wives would use their knife to “Seppuku” (commit suicide) when their husbands didn’t come back from war or brought dishonor (yeah I know, pretty full on).

Anyways after 2 hours of getting ready, Luis rocks up and puts his kimono on which takes him about 5 minutes. The funniest thing is in Japan people sometimes take photos with a serious face so no smiling. So every time we posed for the camera the photographer will go “SMILE….okay now SERIOUS” and we both can’t hold a serious face because we were laughing too much! But as you can see from our photos we preferred smiling. We started with the white backdrops then went to one of the rooms with flowers and then some outdoor shots. After a few hours, I was getting light headed because it was about 30 degrees and I was starving and my body was tired with all the kimono weight. But it was all a very fun and funny experience. Anyone visiting Japan should experience getting this done.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

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